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  • We are helping countries to be prepared before and during emergency events

  • Creating transparency for logistics and support system experience

  • LSS is supported by a network of national and regional professionals


The Humanitarian Supply Management System (SUMA) was developed as a joint effort of Latin American and Caribbean countries, with the technical cooperation of the Pan American Health Organization, and the Regional Office for the Americas of the World...

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Short description of the system

The system allows the user to prepare reports for donors, national authorities, humanitarian agencies, and the media about the supplies received and delivered. This information management is crucial in order to guarantee transparency and efficiency...

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About the technical features of the LSS

The system can work in a stand-alone environment (single-user/computer), or in a networked or enterprise environment (two or more computers) with a server-client structure operating with databases under SQL Server. The possible configurations are: Stand-alone...

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The Logistic Support System (LSS) has been possible to the financial support provided by different partners and international agencies.

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