¿Has LSS been used in any emergencies?


March 2008 - Volcano eruptions - Ecuador

November 2007 - Emergency Support. Floods in Tabasco - Mexico

September 2007 - Emergency support. Hurricane Felix - Nicaragua

August 2007 - Emergency support. Hurricane Dean. - Peru

August 2007 - Emergency support. Earthquake Ica Region - Peru

August 2006 - Emergency Support - Lebanon Humanitarian Crisis

May 2006 - Colombian Floods

May 2006 - Suriname Floods

February 2006 – Bolivian Floods

October 2005 - Pakistan Earthquake

October 2005 - Guatemala - Tropical Storm Stan

October 2005 - El Salvador - Tropical Storm Stan

Some of the main emergencies and disasters where SUMA (LSS predecessor) has been implemented include:

Hurricane Louis, Caribbean Islands..(1995)

Hurricane Cesar, Central America..(1996)

Earthquake Nazca, Peru..(1997)

El Niño (ENOS), Peru and Ecuador..(1998)

Earthquake Aiquile-Totora, Bolivia..(1998)

Floods in Chiapas, México..(1998)

Hurricane George, Dominican Republic..(1998)

Hurricane Mitch, Central America..(1998)

Earthquake Armenia, Colombia..(1999)

Complex emergency, East Timor..(1999)

Floods, Venezuela..(1999/2000)

Volcano eruptions, Ecuador..(1999/2000)

Earthquakes, El Salvador..(2001)

Eruption of the Colima Volcano, Mexico, 2003

Fire in Icua Bolanos. Paraguay, 2004

Floods in Argentina, 2004

Humanitaria Crisis in Haiti, 2004

Floods in Jimani, Dominican Republic, 2004

Floods in Costa Rica, 2004 and 2005

Floods in Panana, 2005

Tsuname in Sumatra, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 2005

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